Signature Profiler – 1 day


1 day access to the Signature Profiler.

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1 day access to the Signature Profiler.

Complete a self-service Signature Review survey and receive a generated .pdf to your email upon completion.


  1. After Payment, the Signature Profiler will be available to you for 1 day for unlimited, manual use (no API access).
  2. It is best to have a sample of the signature in front of you to review.
  3. Fill out the survey(s) to the best of your ability using any signature as reference and hit submit

Once complete, the system will review your answers immediately and a .pdf will be sent to the email address used to with a complete profile based on our program.

The Signature Profiler considers over 30 data points and is what our ‘Presidential Leadership Profiles’ series is based off of.

This gets you access to the Signature Profiler for 1 day.  Due to the nature of the content, there are no refunds.