How to use HALI – Step by Step Instructions

Sign Up for HALI

Sign up for a 24 hour or 30 day package from HERE.

Log In to HALI

Ensure you are logged in to your account.  If you just ordered HALI, then you will already be logged in.  However, if you are a returning user, you will need to log in HERE.

Navigating to Your HALI Instance

After your Step #1 purchase, you will find your access link to HALI in your [Main Account].  Simply log in and find it a [Purchased Content] option on the left side menu.  

Your screen will now show what Content you have purchased and what you Content you currently have access to.

If you currently do not have access to to either the Signature or Full Form Profilers, you will need to reorder HERE.

If you do have access, simply click on whichever product you have ordered and is still active.

Completing the HALI Profilers:

Both the 1 day and 30 day profilers of each type are the exact same.  The only difference between them is how long your access lasts for.  Once logging into a HALI Profiler, you will see how much time is remaining for your access in the top, left corner of your screen.

The Signature Profiler uses over 30 data points to create its profile report and is best used if you have a sample of a signature in front of you to use as reference.

The Full Form Profiler uses over 50 data points to create its profile report and is best used if you have a full, written sample in front of you to use as reference.

Once you are in whichever HALI Profiler you are wanting to use, you first need to enter an email.  This email address is where your Profile Report will be sent to, so please ensure it is accurate.  Of note, it can be a different email address than what was used to sign up for your Legible.Solutions/HALI account.

The Sample Title question is for your reference only, and can be anything you’d like.  It is used to help you identify which Profile Report goes to what sample in the event you use HALI repeatedly.

Then press [Next] and begin filling out the rest of the intake form.

Best Practices:

  • Answer to the best of your ability.  The Profile Report is based of ‘most likely’ probabilities based on all your answers.  So if you are unsure of an answer, either answer [No] (where applicable) or the BEST/Most Frequent option.
  • Complete each intake form in one sitting.  The Signature Profiler takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.  The Full From Profiler takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Feel free to complete as many intake forms as you want during your purchase window.
  • If you reach out to use with any questions in regard to your Profile Report, please reference the File Name and Sample Title answer (if you filled the latter out).

Receiving Your HALI Profile Report

Just a few minutes after completing and submitting an intake form, you will receive a generated .PDF to the email you used at the beginning of the intake form.

The .PDF contains the profile results based on your answers to the intake questions in regard to the sample you used.  

The .PDF is meant for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not an indication of guilt or to cause defamation of character.  We collect zero identification points about the person who wrote the sample used and all Profile Reports are based on the HALI’s internal probability model.


Using HALI is that simple!  Still have questions, or do you want one of our Legible.Solutions experts to do a deeper dive on your handwriting sample?  Be sure to Contact Us.