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Legible.Solutions is a Full Service, Handwriting and Linguistic Analysis Consulting Agency. 
Our most popular service is HALI (Handwriting & Linguistic Identification).  A self-service, online personality profiler that analysizes signature and full handwriting samples based off a simple to use intake form.  

Look for HALI being used in our 2 docu-series, ‘Profiling the Zodiac Killer’ and ‘Presidential Signatures: Leadership Profiles’.

For those wanting their samples reviewed by our agency experts in areas such as Document Examination, Signature Verification, Handwriting Verification, Author Identification, Semantic Analysis, or associated use cases, feel free to contact us directly.

Check out the new HD trailer for the documentary, 'Profiling the Zodiac Killer' which will feature HALI in use, coming Summer 2023!​


Self-Service Automated Handwriting Analysis complete with custom Profile Report


Legible Solutions

Full Service Handwriting Analysis by our agency. Contact us for custom requests.


HALI is powered by SELINA.AI

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Highly Accurate, Automated

Self-service signature and document profiler.  Get a detailed Profile Report minutes after answering guided questions about ANY hand written sample.


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Handwriting and linguistic analysis experts, we can assist  with all your document review needs.  Contact us today for a custom consultation.

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SELINA.AI is a linguistic analysis tech project that started in early 2022.  The project assigns numeric values to words and semantics.  Those values are combined with traditional metrics to create probability data that is sued in a variety of ways.

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